Here at TMT, we have worked with homeowners and builders for years. We have trialed nearly every major brand of consumer electronics out there and we believe our product choices offer the best value and the highest levels of performance possible. 


We have been through many new home constructions, remodels and retrofits and we know that dealing with tradespeople can often be difficult. At TMT, we do our best to keep things organized and on-schedule, collaborating with contractors, designers and other trades throughout each one of our projects.

Our Services

Distributed Audio and Video

- Music and Movies to any room in the house

- All of your family's media accessible from anywhere

- Multiple streams to multiple locations simultaneously

- Start a movie in one room, continue in another

- Press a single button to enable "Party Mode"


Exclusive Products:

We carry a large variety of exclusive products that you won't find anywhere else! 

Hide speakers behind drywall and stucco to create a theater in the living room without detracting from the decor!

Outlets and switches can be installed flush with any surface and perfectly painted to blend into tile, wood, even marble!

Network Infrastructure

Media Distribution

Home Theater

Smart Home Automation Surveillance

IT/Network Infrastructure

- CAD Design and Engineering 

- Prewire and Cable Management

- Enterprise-Grade Networking and Wi-Fi 

- Personal Cloud Storage

- Remote Management Services

- Fiber Optic Future-Proof Technology

Home Automation and Smart Home

- State-of-the-art Custom Home Automation and Smart Home Control Systems

- Apple iOS Smart Home Control

- Android Smart Home Control

- Remote Access Capabilities